This unique, multi-purpose rifle combines the strengths of sniper rifles, combat rifles and
anti-material weapons. It is suitable for use by land-; air-; territorial
and independent armed forces. Its task is to destroy the enemies key pinpoint targets, armoured rifle troops in vehicles, light shelters and buildings, radio- electronic construction, missile launchers up to 2000+ meters distance and hovering helicopters within a 600-800 meters shooting range.
It generates
significantly (5-8 times) greater muzzle energy than the conventional small arms.

  • Light weight
  • Optional accessories: suppressor, magazine holster, carrying bag, scope protector/iron sight
  • Ultra low recoil
  • Shooting in standing position
  • Surface treatment: ceracote, multiple color options
  • Tool-free disassembling
  • Less than 3 minutes, including reassembling
  • Armorer and combat trainings available

GM6 Lynx Spec

GM6 Lynx specs

Empty Weight: 10,5 kg (23,15 lbs)
Combat Weight: 13 kg  (28,66 lbs)
Full (combat) length: 1114 mm (43,85 inch)
Length in portable state (barrel pushed in): 914 mm (36 inch)
Length of barrel: 730 mm (28,74 inch)
Twist rate: 1:15″
Muzzle energy: 14,5 kJ
Muzzle Velocity: From 780 m/s
Effective range:  2000 m+ (1,25 mile +)
Design: Bullpup
Magazine: Straight, 5 round
Multi caliber: .50 Cal and / or 12,7 x108 mm
Accuracy:  Sub MOA
Operation: semi-automatic
Nato Stock Number: 1005-51-0007465

” Sagittis Hungarorum Libera nos, Domine! 

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GM6 Lynx Spec

Push button chambering

 The long recoil system allows to lock the barrel
in the back position (The GM6 Lynx is 914 mm long),
the shooter can disembark from any vehicle easily
and with a push of a button the barrel slides forward
and chambers the first round.
The long recoil system creates ultra low recoil and allows
the shooter to use this .50 cal in standing position.

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