This unique, multi-purpose rifle combines the strengths of sniper rifles, combat rifles and
anti-material weapons. It is suitable for use by land-; air-; territorial
and independent armed forces. Its task is to destroy the enemies key pinpoint targets, armoured rifle troops in vehicles, light shelters and buildings, radio- electronic construction, missile launchers up to 2000+ meters distance and hovering helicopters within a 600-800 meters shooting range.
It generates
significantly (5-8 times) greater muzzle energy than the conventional small arms.

GM6 Lynx Spec

GM6 Lynx specs

Empty Weight: 10,5 kg
Combat Weight: 13 kg
Full (combat) length: 1114 mm
Length in portable state (barrel pushed in): 914 mm
Length of barrel: 730 mm
Twist rate: 1:15″
Muzzle energy: 14,5 kJ
Muzzle Velocity: From 780 m/s
Shooting range:  2000 m+
Design: Bullpup
Magazine: Straight, 5 round
Multi caliber: .50 Cal and / or 12,7 x108 mm
Accuracy:  Sub MOA
Operation: semi-automatic
Nato Stock Number: 1005-51-0007465

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